Taking Glutathione Precursor That Gets Into Cells

Someone is reading a book on amalgam toxicity (she has had amalgam fillings in her dental work) and it states that glutathione is not helpful for Hg toxicity. The book states NAC is better. It also mentions that MSM can release the Hg into the body and cause further problems. She is currently taking MSM and colloidal silver. She has noticed that her health is getting worse and she is scared that she is doing more harm than good. She Read more..

Yeast Coming Out in Candida Die-Off After Fasting

A friend asked me what the handful of yeast looked like when I have the candida die-off. When she did the Dr. Breuss fast, she only managed 4 days, but she passed a bunch of fluorescent orange gelatinous parasites. She thinks it is an excellent idea to do the coffee enemas every day.

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Stopping Probiotic Without Relapse

This article is going to answer your question about Primal Defense, one of candida probiotics that claimed to be one of the best ones. Although in the short term it can be useful because PD contains several bacteria and yeasts that are meant to out-compete pathogenic bacteria and yeast in the short term, in the long term they will be out-competed in the bowel.

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