Candida Antifungal Treatments – Why Should We Rotate Antifungals?

This time candida albicans symptoms and remedies blog presents you with article Candida Antifungal Treatments – Why Should We Rotate Antifungals?. Whether you are having sugar cravings, trouble with candida diet, or die off symptoms, make sure you visit us often. Check out the article below.

Why should we rotate antifungals? This question has been asked by my friend recently, about candida antifungal treatments. People have stated about rotating them, so is it alright to take a few different ones at one time? She has been taking olive leaf and grapefruit seed extract, and she just bought some Oregon grape root to rotate with. Her Candida is alive and well, so she hopes that the rotate would be a good change for her.

It is good to keep rotating your antifungals, since the yeasts are so smart to get easily immune to things. Each person has different regime to takes on. Usually it is by a guide from your homeopath. One of my friend got herself experienced this kind of regime: Phellostatin – A Chinese Traditional Formula for Candida Shen-Gem – (same, but for sleep and energy balance and regulation due to adrenal gland exhaustion) Ultra Flora Plus – Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifodobacterium infantis. You may also take a non-yeast multi vitamin at every other day on your own and Flax Seed Oil and Magnesium.

Pay attention to your diet as far as yeast intake and sugars, but dont get too obsessed about it all. It is important to take the diet seriously from all readings and all I heard. Diet is surely the answer. We are all different and what works for one may not affects others. Keep the antifungal rotation to trick the yeast and watch your sugar. Concentrating yourself only on one antifungal would only make the yeasts immune and your Candida would keep growing. That is all I can say.

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